Your resume is killing you. I'll show you why.

My unique "three buckets" strategy will help you find a job you LOVE... so your work doesn't feel like work, and life feels a whole lot happier. Learn how in my exclusive online course, Find Your Dream Job.

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Are you tired of getting up every day to do work you're not excited about?
Do you feel stuck, with no room to grow?
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How did you find yourself here, on this career path, unsure of what comes next? Is this even the INDUSTRY you want to be in? The type of TASKS you enjoy?
When you imagined a successful, fulfilling career, did you picture THIS?
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Maybe you've got skills and ideas but they're not being allowed to shine.
Or you've found yourself in a toxic environment, handcuffed and desperate to escape.
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You want a role where you're free to be YOU. Where your passions and responsibilities meet, and your voice is not only HEARD but actually ENCOURAGED and SOUGHT AFTER. 
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In your dream career, you can make a real impact on the work you do, the people you do it with, and most importantly, the people you do it FOR.

Let's find THAT kind of role. And land it.

Meet your career coach

Hi, I'm Chad Kopitzke.

As the owner of an innovative recruiting firm called NeXtGen Advantage, I make it a priority to put the HUMAN element back into human resources. My mission is to match career seekers with the kind of work that lights them up. I've been working in talent management for 15 years, helping hundreds of people discover their passions and strengths. I also work closely with companies of all sizes and industries, finding the best-fit candidate for their key roles. I hear what employers are looking for, and I hear what candidates need in order to feel valued and fulfilled. The magic happens when those two things align. 

Here's why I'm different. I hate resumes. I call them "work obituaries." What you've done in the past is not necessarily the best indicator of what you should do next, nor is it always an accurate picture of what you WANT to do with your career.

In this course, I'll help you think beyond the checkboxes many employers would stuff you in. You'll learn to decipher the difference between your experience, your skills, and your passions. {Yes, those are three different things!} 

Then we'll develop a road map to help you identify exactly what kind of role you truly want next... and how to get there.

* * * * * * * *

I understand the hurdles you face. 

I see it every day. You submit a resume into a black hole and never hear anything back. Or you get a rejection letter within seconds, which means you KNOW not a single human being bothered to look at your application. How do you explain your passion, your character, your career story to a BOT?

You're told you don't have enough experience for a particular role, but how can you get experience without getting an opportunity in the first place?

Maybe you were promised the moon in your interview, but once you showed up for the job, they handed you a moon rock instead. How can you guarantee the same thing won't happen again?

And I've lost count of how many people I've met who sit across the table from me and say, "I'm the perfect candidate. Why can't I even get an interview?"

That is a great question. I believe it's because the current recruiting process is broken. And we need to get creative in order to work within a broken system in a way that gets you noticed for all the right reasons.

This course will show you how.

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What's included in the course?

Six Video Sessions

Quick videos packed with insight from Chad on potential pitfalls in the job market, how to differentiate yourself within it, how to identify your dream role with bullseye-accuracy, and how to go after it successfully. You'll build a filter of non-negotiables through which you can measure every potential career opportunity.

Discovery Worksheets

Chad doesn't just talk at you; he gives you the tools you need to apply what you've learned, assess your skills and preferences, and identify your career "sweet spot." Downloads include a thorough Self-Assessment, Chad's proprietary "Find Your Bullseye" formula, and an Interview Prep pack including practice questions.

Helpful Templates

Time-saving templates and expert examples will help you keep track of your job search activity, build a networking log, and learn to create memorable infographic briefs and resumes. These documents are provided in Excel format and other free online tools for easy access.

Modules will cover:

What's wrong with the current recruiting system?

And how it is making it harder for you to land the kind of role you want and deserve? Chad will explain the issues behind the curtain and how "the way we've always done it" isn't working anymore... and how you can work AROUND the system instead.

How to identify your starting point.

In order to move to the next step in your career, you need directions. And in order to follow directions, you need a starting point. You'd be amazed at how many career seekers don't know where they stand in the first place. This module gets you up close and personal with who you are and where you want to go.

Now we're getting to the good stuff.

What are you really GOOD at? And what do you LOVE to do? Are those the same thing? And what happens if they're not? In this module we'll apply Chad's innovative and proprietary "bullseye" formula for identifying what kind of role you're truly built to play... and how to use that information to narrow down your search.

It's time to stand out from the crowd.

In today's market, everybody looks essentially the same on paper. How can you rise above the stack and make the kind of impression that gets the job? In this module we'll explore four tools you can use to tell your story beyond the resume.

This is your chance to shine. Do you know what it takes?

Here's your interview pep talk, complete with insight on what the interviewer is looking for (take it from somebody who's conducted hundreds of these things) and how you can use the interview process to get what YOU need out of the deal, too.

Networking. It's not what you think it is.

When you're on the market, people tell you to network. But what does that mean, really? And how can you connect with people in meaningful ways instead of wasting your time? This final module will explore what networking is and isn't, and how to make it work for you.

This course is the same program I take my clients through one-on-one for a cost of $300. Plus you'll get $50 worth of bonus content.

* * * * *

That's a $350 career coaching package for

only $29!

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Real people, real careers

"Chad, I wanted to sincerely say thank you for all of your advice, guidance, and insight, which helped me look deep into my strengths and personality to eventually pursue a career in supply chain/logistics. I'm not entirely sure I would have been as strategic in my job search without your guidance, and for that I am truly grateful." — Spencer B.

"I have had some time to think about my move to Oregon and my first time working from home. I don't think I would have stayed at my job (and worked from home for about 2 years) without your encouragement. I wanted to give you a huge and heartfelt thank you because without you I think I would be in a very different place in my life." — Amanda B.

"As a young professional graduating college, Chad gave me a sense of direction with my current job search. He also gave me some tips and tools to help. His unconventional and unique approach to talent recruiting is why companies needs to utilize his services. I am pleasantly surprised how selfless and helpful Chad was." — Austin B.

"Chad, thanks for investing time to meet with me. As always I really enjoyed it! The talent hiring and retention process would be much higher ROI for everyone if people followed your process more often." — Bill D.

"Thanks again for sharing your amazing ability of preparing candidates for finding the 'right fit.' Your passion and excitement is extremely contagious and I sincerely want to thank you for taking time out of your day to guide me in acing this interview." — Jenny

"Thank you for all your support throughout my career change. You quickly became someone I trust and who I see as a long-term mentor of mine. You have been a great third party sounding board. I'm excited to start the next chapter of my book and look forward to staying in touch." — Jenny S.

"I think what you are doing is amazing! For someone who looks chaotic on paper (and probably in person), being able to meet with a "potential" and having them see your passion is such a cool concept! I look forward to growing our relationship and working together!" — Jamie V.

"You are truly dynamic, a demonstrated change leader, and should be very proud of the many lives you are positively impacting. You have challenged me to think about my next career in a new way and I appreciate that. Thank you!" — Jenny S.

My personal promise to you

Within this course I will share my best insight as a talent management professional and career coach. My intention is to be for you the same source of knowledge and support that I seek from my own business mentors.

If you're not completely satisfied with the wisdom and resources provided inside this course, just send me an email ([email protected]) within the first 30 days and I'll return every penny back to you, no questions asked.

It's high time you find a career you love.

Stop spinning your wheels with the same old work and the same old headaches. Discover what kind of work truly lights a fire in your gut.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Your Dream Job consists of six progressive units that you can complete at your own pace. How much time it takes will depend on your personal objectives. We recommend taking a day or two between sessions to complete the personal assessment projects in order to gain full benefit from the course.

For as long as the course exists. In other words, lifetime access. Your purchase does not expire.

No, enrollment is a one-time payment  for lifetime access. This is an incredible value and intended to make Find Your Dream Job accessible to everyone who wants to invest in their personal and professional development.

You will have access to all units, including videos, PDF downloads, assessments, and additional content provided within the online platform.

One-on-one coaching is not included in the cost of the course. If you would like personal coaching or help working through the course, or if you would like Chad to speak to your group, contact him at [email protected] to discuss individual and group coaching options.


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