Parenting Backwards

Discover how to raise kids with intention, drop the mom guilt, and reclaim the sanity you lost at childbirth.

With author and Christian mom mentor Becky Kopitzke


Do you ever feel like you're not quite hitting the mark as a mom? Maybe you have moments of impatience, frustration, or yelling. (Oh yes! I've been there.)

Maybe some days you want to hide in the bathtub or fly away to Cabo or smash your daughter's iPod with a poultry mallet. (Yep. Me, too.)

Or maybe, like me, you feel like your kids are growing up so stinking fast, you wonder if you're keeping up. Are you teaching them the right things, saying the right words, modeling the right decisions, and investing today in what matters for tomorrow?

What DOES really matter, anyway?

The answers might surprise you.

Let's explore them together in this special online course, Parenting Backwards.

Parenting Backwards is an original video series that you can watch at your own pace. There are six sessions, between 5 and 15 minutes each, and every session includes helpful printable materials including a session outline for taking notes, discovery questions for digging deeper into the topic or discussing with friends, and insightful worksheets for practicing some of the strategies I'll share in the videos. It's like having a private mentoring session with me—on your own schedule, in your pajamas if you want. I'll never know.

Sessions include:

  • Monster Mom—How to Stop Yelling, and Create a More Peaceful Home
  • Look Up—How to Conquer Busyness and Distractions, and Live in the Moment
  • Mom Guilt—How to Find Peace of Mind by Embracing God's Grace
  • Walk the Talk—How to Raise Kids Who Love the Lord
  • Marriage Tips—Why We Need to Remember That Guy Called Dad
  • Memory Makers—What Is a Happy Childhood Really Made Of?

Why glean wisdom from Becky?

Here's what real moms are saying...

"As a mom to a rambunctious toddler and a tiny newborn, I’m constantly wondering how to give both my children the love, encouragement, and wisdom they require, all while keeping my own sanity throughout this parenting journey. Becky’s course was exactly what I needed to feel equipped to raise my son and daughter with grace, confidence, and a whole lot of Biblical truths. This course doesn’t just provide support for parenting my children, but for thriving in my personal role as a mother as well. In particular, I really enjoyed (and am already implementing) strategies from the sections on putting a stop to the yelling, finding peace among the “mom guilt,” prioritizing my own personal walk with Christ, and (as a type-A mom) the wisdom regarding using our time realistically and what that looks like in this season as a mom to littles. I also appreciated how the associated guides provided me with thought-provoking questions to meditate on throughout the day. I recommend Becky’s course to all moms who are looking for some applicable, Biblical-based wisdom from a seasoned mama to support them in their parenting journey!"

Mom of two

"Becky has helped me to change. my. life. True change, not just lip service change. I was suffering from shame, guilt; trying to work my way out of my problems, MY way. It wasn't working. Becky is so approachable, relatable and caring. Her knowledge of God's Word is deep and thorough, and she shows you how it applies to your issues, today. Immerse yourself in Becky's Godly wisdom and be prepared to be changed by God's love for you!"

Mom of two

The Best $19 You'll Ever Spend

Get ready to be encouraged, equipped, and inspired to build a beautiful childhood for your kids. No matter what their age or stage of life, you can begin today... let's Parent Backwards!


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